Twisted Hope


Day 20 of the Flash Fiction Challenge

Day 20: Pick up the nearest book to you, open it randomly and use the first complete sentence as your writing prompt.

“I didn’t kill your father. I can’t make you believe me but it’s true.” She whispered, tears streaming down her face.

I hated the fact that she’s staying inside a white room with glossy windows instead of rotting in jail. She doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. She’s a monster. 

But maybe it’s for the best. And maybe, that by staying here, she’ll grow a conscience and admit the truth.

But here she is, two months later, still a lying prick.

“Stop denying.” I wanted to slap the hell out of her, but couldn’t because of the fact that she is my bestfriend— was.

Ever since she moved into our house twelve years ago, smiling became a usual thing, and lonliness left my mind. We were partners in crime, sisters by love. I’ve relied to her all my life.

But now…

“Look at me.” I commanded.

She looked at me, at last. Tears were still falling.

“Just tell me the truth.”

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10 Ways to Win an Introvert Girl’s Heart


Winning an introvert girl’s heart isn’t as complex as you might thought it would be. But don’t expect it to be easy, as you’re dealing with an independent woman who can be happy in her own world. That’s why I came up with these ten tips to help you out:


Tip #1: A meaningful conversation is the key to capture an introvert’s attention, as “small talks” will bore us to death. Don’t expect her to tell you a long story of her LRT shenanigans by “What’s up?”, it’s not gonna be like that.

Though we have specific topics in mind, most introverts don’t have the guts to initiate a discussion. So take the plunge and just ask her about politics, pop culture, or whatever your interest is.

Tip #2: Be Genuine. Making her comfy with you is important. But you’ll never succeed if she feels that you’re not genuine. Don’t focus on impressing her because she’ll never buy that shit. Introverts are keen observers. They will know if you’re being real or not.


TIP #3: Instead of flowers, give her a book, or a DVD copy of your favorite movie, or even a goddamn rubik’s cube. We prefer things that are useful and thoughtful. Expensive gifts might impress us for awhile, but something sentimental would be so much better.

TIP #4: Simple, sweet gestures. You don’t need to sing in front of a crowd— singing her favorite song on phone will do. Introverts are pretty much uncomfortable when they are the center of attention and we would appreciate a romantic moment more when people are not watching.

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We show what we want

embrace what we flaunt.

Trying hard to fit in

to ourselves we become toxin.

Hiding our real side,

letting out a little us,

pretending to be rapturous?

Why destroy? such a piece of art

we have a journey ahead too far.

Nothing can cause you anxiety

let yourself loose, everything will turn tidy.

Forget your expertise, explore your fears

oh dear, you aint got time for those tears.

Why create a line behind which lies your zone?

it’s all an illusion darling you are prone.

You are the key to you

unlock the suppositious lock.

So show what you have

and embrace all you lack.

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You said “so go” with such disdain.


Eki's Madness

X: Remember the first time we met?

Y: yeah… It was very awkward. You were very awkward!

X: I never thought you’ll come and talk to me, thats all. Besides Im very introverted.

Y: I got the hots for creepy guys you know?

X: Yeah lucky me.

Y: What?

X: Nothing. I said you liked me the moment you saw me. Dont deny it!

Y: Yeah right. The only reason I talked to you is beacause you were wearing a John Lennon shirt.

X: For all I know, you just wanted to ask me out!

Y: On the contrary, it felt like you were about to kiss me anytime that moment. I was nervous you know! How do I know you are not a sex offender!

X: I did. You were the most beautiful girl in the park that day.

Y: Yeah right! Said the creepy stalker!

X: I am…

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